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Fitting a new set of Pickups From:  £ 30.00

Fitting Replacement Toggle Switch in Les Paul:  £ 25.00

Fitting a 5 Way Stratocaster type Pickup Switch (Pot Extra):  £ 25.00

Fit new Pot/s,  Stratocaster, Les Paul - add cost of parts:  £ 25.00

Fitting New set of machine Heads:  £ 25.00

Fitting Locking Sperzel type`s:  £ 30.00 

Fit New Nut on Les Paul Type (Nut Extra):  £ 25.00

Fitting new Nut in Stratocaster Type (Nut Extra):  £ 25.00

Check for Electrical fault/bad wiring/input Jack Solder Repairs from:  £ 25.00
Price List
Full Set-up

(Non Tremolo) including 4 and 5 string bass guitars:  £40.00

(With Tremolo) including Floyd Rose: £ 50.00

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic guitar setups: £45.00

Acoustic guitar new bridge saddle cut & sanded to fit from: £25.00


Ukulele - Please phone for quotation
Banjo - Please phone for quotation
Mandalin - Please phone for quotation

Full Set Ups
A full set up will transform your instruments, make it more playable and stay in tune.
General fittings and pickup replacements will improve the sound quality and playability of your treasured instruments.
We are specialised in restoring your instrument back its original playability.
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I started Essex Guitar Services in 2005 after playing Guitars for many years in Bands in the local area. I loved the pure enjoyment of making Guitars work better, play better and feel better. If you own an Acoustic or Electric Guitar and require it setup for the best action and playability, please contact me.

I know how special your instrument is to you, It will be looked after and treated with care whilst worked upon. I believe in good customer service, without charging you  inflated prices.

I offer discounts on most parts and string set's. I stock Martin Acoustic, D'addario and Ernie Ball Electric. I recommend Bare Knuckle Pickups and Kent Armstrong Pickups for the Pro Player and Iron Gear Pickups for the Budget player who wants Improve their sound.
Hi Chris, I was having an early morning play and it occurred to me that I should really give you, some feedback on the job you did on my SG. I am so enjoying my time with the instrument since you worked on it. The first position chords that used to be a bit dodgy are so much more reliable. I always used to play with my controls flat out: now I am getting great variations in tone using the improved volume and tone controls. I am completely satisfied with the orange drops, though it is good to have the originals even if I do fancy going back to the vintage. The tuning is so stable: it always was but I swear I've only tuned about 3 times since I last saw you. Thank you so much for doing such a great job, best regards

26/05/2015 Fintan

Only had limited time at low volume but so far very impressed - those sinners are the absolute nuts ! Playability now spot on, great low action, no choking out and I can actually bend the top strings ! Great job all round - many thanks,

12/09/2015 Glenn,  Leigh on Sea